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FAQ - UBiee PowerPill Frequently Asked Questions

Will the PowerPill damage my vehicle in any way?

No, due to its total hydrocarbon compatibility, the PowerPill will not cause damage to
even the most expensive or high tech engines. The product is manufactured under the
IS09001 Quality Assurance Programme. However for your peace of mind, a US$
10 million insurance cover is in place, plus our money back guarantee.

Can the UBiee PowerPill be used in both Gas and Diesel vehicles?

Yes. The UBiee Power Pill can be used in both Gas and Diesel vehicles - in fact,
anything that runs on Gas or diesel can use the UBiee Power Pill, including lawnmowers, speedboats and jetskis. In addition, the UBiee Power Pill can be used in vehicles that require Leaded Gas - add one pill to each tank of fuel and the vehicle will run on Unleaded Gas.

"Stu Pykett, self employed motor engineer races a tunnel hull in national level formula 3 powerboat circuit racing. Two months into speed trials with Power Pill treated racing fuel, has reduced the flying kilometer time by 4 seconds. The most important benefit has been the added punch available in the mid range revs at around 4,000 - 5,000 rpm. The boat now exits corners and hits top speed around 10-15 seconds before the competition. Stu's opinion is "The UBiee PowerPill is the best thing ever to happen to boat owners, jet skiers and motorcyclists." Stu Pykett, Piranga Formula 3 - Powerboat Racing Team - Napier, New Zealand

Do they work in Bio-Diesel?

Yes. The UBiee Power Pill works fine on Bio-Diesel. In fact they use "heaps of it"
in New Zealand and the West Coast of the United States.

Is the UBiee PowerPill toxic?

No. The UBiee Power Pill is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly, with 100% active ingredients..

Will the UBiee PowerPill leave any residue in the fuel tank?

No. The UBiee Power Pill burns completely - absolutely no residue is left.
It is a fuel conditioner which is hydrocarbon compatible

How much does the UBiee Power Pill cost?

One UBiee Power Pill pack contains of ten power pills. Prices vary, depending on the number of packs purchased.

This cost is easily recouped (on average) in the fuel savings experienced in each tank of fuel - plus additional savings from running on lower octane requirements for gasoline, as well as the added benefits of greatly reduced emissions, a completely clean fuel system and a smoother running vehicle, plus reduced maintenance costs.

How does the UBiee PowerPill work?

Water and sulfur are always present in gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel fuel. When water and sulfur combine, they produce sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid that is not burned off during combustion leaves behind carbon deposits in your engine. The UBiee Power Pill eliminates and prevents carbon deposits from forming.

As a result, A) more power and response from your engine, and B) reducing the hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide emissions, thus creating a healthier environment for all.

What improvement can we really expect to see?

For cars, we have seen on average, a 5 -15% increase in fuel efficiency and improvements as high as 20%. For trucks expect an average improvement in mileage of 10 -20% and again as high as 25%.

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